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NLPA - Celebrating 90 Years of Service

NLPA Background 1

2018 Board of Directors

Chairman of the
NLPA Board Gary Smith

Gary Smith was born and raised in southwest Iowa and grew up on a typical Iowa farm….corn, beans, hay, cattle, and hogs. He is the fifth generation on the family farm and son Brady is the sixth.

"I look forward to serving as Chairman of NLPA and hope I can do justice to the position as those before me have done.  For me, NLPA has always been synonymous with integrity, honesty, and service," says Smith. "I look forward to promoting those values for our customers now and in the future."

Smith attended Iowa State University and graduated in 1980 with a BS in Animal Science.  He met his wife Anne, who graduated with a BS in Sociology at Iowa State.  After graduation, they married and started farming in June of 1980 with Smith's parents.

  Gary Smith accepts the Chairman's gavel from Stan Mannschreck

"We survived the eighties somehow.  I remember the first loan I had was 18% interest and I was glad to get it," Smith remembers.

Anne currently serves as Home Care Administrator for Mills County Public Health. Brady and his wife Melissa now live on the home farm as Brady is transitioning into the row crop, custom farm, and commercial cow herd operation. Daughter Emily and her husband Matt along with their children, Michael and Olivia, live nearby in Glenwood, Iowa. Smith is a bank Ag Loan Officer along with helping on the farm when needed.

Smith got involved with Omaha Producers in the early eighties when he and his father were feeding cattle and wanted to find a better way to get them marketed. He started serving on the Omaha board soon after. He has also been involved with and served in all positions of the Mills–Montgomery County Cattlemen's Association, Mills County Farm Bureau, Iowa Farm Bureau State Young Member Committee, Iowa Farm Bureau Beef Advisory Committee and ISU Ag Foundation. Smith currently serves as Chairman of Mills County Extension Council, and Producers Livestock Marketing Association in Omaha and is a Director and past Chairman of Western Iowa Mutual Insurance Association.


2018 NLPA Executive Committee

Gary Smith, Chairman of the Board, Producers Livestock Marketing Association, Omaha, NE
Doug Hauser, Vice Chairman, National Livestock Credit Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK
Chuck Adami, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, Baraboo, WI
Darrell Ailshie, Tennessee Livestock Producers, Inc., Columbia, TN
William Beeman, Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC, Syracuse, NY
David Thompson, Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation, Rancho Cordova, CA
Rick O’Brien, Producers Livestock Marketing Association, N. Salt Lake, UT
Lee Van Veldhuizen, Cooperative Credit Company, Sioux Center, IA

NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund

2018 NLPA Board of Directors

Member Livestock Marketing Associations

Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC

Syracuse, NY
Bill Beeman & Ken Krutz

Equity Cooperative Livestock
Sales Association

Baraboo, WI
Les Danielson & Chuck Adami

National Livestock
Commission Association

Oklahoma City, OK
Eric Chapman & Jim Reynolds

Producers Livestock
Marketing Association

N. Salt Lake, UT
Scott Menefee & Rick O'Brien

Producers Livestock
Marketing Association

Omaha, NE
Gary Smith & Rick Keith

Tennessee Livestock Producers
Columbia, TN
Jeff Aiken & Darrell Ailshie

Member Livestock Credit Corporations

Cooperative Credit Company
Sioux Center, IA
Lee Van Veldhuizen & Steven Montgomery

Equity Livestock Credit Corporation
Baraboo, WI
Les Danielson & Chuck Adami

National Livestock Credit Corporation
Oklahoma City, OK
Doug Hauser & Robert York

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation
Omaha, NE
Mack Woodard & Tim Meyer

Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation
Rancho Cordova, CA
David Thompson & Germana Silva Suderman


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