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The National Livestock Producers Association has eight member marketing associations and four credit corporations that together represent more than 215,000 farmers and ranchers involved in animal agriculture in the United States and Canada.

NLPA's core is the Board of Directors. Each member organization has two representatives: one representative is the organization's top manager and the other is a producer who sits on the member organization's board of directors. A six-member Executive Committee conducts business on behalf of the full board in between meetings.

NLPA's Chairman of the Board, currently Gary Smith of Glenwood, IA, representing Producers Livestock Marketing Association in Omaha, NE, serves a vital role as the leader of the Board and in guiding staff.

NLPA currently has a two fulltime staff members: Kraig J. Roesch serves as NLPA's President and CEO and Mona Wolverton who is NLPA's Chief Operating Officer. Polly Welden does NLPA's Marketing.

NLPA's Board of Directors holds two meetings per year. The Annual Board Meeting is held in January, usually in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry Annual Conference. The second meeting is the Summer Board Meeting, which is held in August.
Each member of the board participates in at least one of NLPA's Advisory Committees.

Advisory Committees

All NLPA Board members are invited and encouraged to participate in NLPA’s Advisory Committees, which include: Long-range Planning and Member Services; Credit and Financing; and Communications and Legislative Affairs. The Retirement Plan Committee comprises members of the NLPA member organizations that participate in NLPA's retirement services.

Long-range Planning & Member Services Committee

The NLPA Long-range Planning & Member Services Committee periodically reviews the vision and strategic plan of the association, ascertains shifts in the industry that may lead to needed changes in NLPA, and makes recommendations to the Board. The Committee also evaluates NLPA’s services and programs, identifying areas of possible service enhancement and assists in the development of NLPA educational conference programs.

Chairman: Gary Smith - Staff: Kraig J. Roesch

Communication & Legislation Committee

The NLPA Communication and Legislation Committee monitors issues affecting livestock marketing and credit and recommends positions and policy to the NLPA Board and guides NLPA’s communication efforts both within NLPA and the agricultural community.

Chairman: Rick Keith - Staff: Mona Wolverton

Credit & Finance Committee

NLPA’s Credit and Financing Committee identifies credit and finance challenges and opportunities that may be addressed and developed by the members of NLPA and assists the Board in determining and evaluating investment opportunities.

Chairman: Robert York
- Staff: Kraig J. Roesch

Retirement Plan Committee

The National Livestock Producers Association Retirement Plan Committee oversees the National Livestock Employees Retirement Plan and reviews financial performance of funds and monies deposited to the Defined Benefit Plan.

Chairman: Rick O'Brien - Staff: Kraig J. Roesch and Mona Wolverton

Financial Consultant: Ben Garneau (Merrill Lynch)

NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund

NLPA's Upcoming Meetings

2019 NLPA Annual Meeting
January 21-23, 2019
New Orleans, LA

For more information about any of
NLPA's meetings,
please contact
Mona Wolverton
Chief Operating Officer



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