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NLPA - Celebrating 90 Years of Service

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2019 Board of Directors

Chairman of the
NLPA Board Doug Hauser

The National Livestock Producers Association announces Doug Hauser, from Kingfisher, Oklahoma, as the new Chairman of the 98–year old agricultural organization. Hauser served as Vice Chair of NLPA since 2014.

In the multibillion–dollar business of livestock marketing and credit, a strong voice is crucial to protect business rights and a competitive environment. National Livestock Producers Association serves as just such a voice, speaking out on behalf of members and their patrons.

Hauser has been on the National Livestock Credit Corporation board, a local associated agency and member of NLPA, for over 20 years. He is a farmer and rancher, raising wheat and canola, with a stocker grazing operation running cattle on wheat and rye, and he owns a cow herd. It's all part of a multi–generational operation which includes Hauser's 90–year old father Gene, and sons Brian, who lives on the property, and Blane, who helps out when on break from Oklahoma State University. Hauser has also been a Oklahoma Farm Bureau agent for almost three decades.

  "As a representative to NLPA," says Hauser, "I've seen that we have a great opportunity to help out the livestock industry and our patrons at home. What we are called to do is to come together, work together as a cohesive group, to help protect our members and those producers back home and keep them up to date with what's going on as changes come along every day.

"We make a positive impact and protect our livelihoods as producers," he says. "We are here to make sure we have equitable markets and encourage those at a national level."

Strong alliances with other livestock and credit organizations aid in providing a clear voice on regional and national issues. In addition, absolute credibility earned over more than 98 years emphasizes the positions taken by the National Livestock Producers Association on behalf of its members.

"I have enjoyed my time with NLPA, but what we bring to the table is what is important," Hauser says. "I feel I probably gain even more than what I add, but as a whole, the bottom line is we need to stick together as a group and protect our producers. We survive together, we thrive together. NLPA is a big part of that."



2019 NLPA Executive Committee

Doug Hauser, Chairman of the Board, National Livestock Credit Corp., Kingfisher, OK
David Thompson, Vice Chair, Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation, Rancho Cordova, CA
Curt Larson, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Assn., Baraboo, WI
Darrell Ailshie, Tennessee Livestock Producers, Inc., Columbia, TN
Rick O'Brien, Producers Livestock Marketing Assn., N. Salt Lake, UT
Ken Krutz, Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC, Syracuse, NY
Dave Lamb, Producers L/S Mktg. Assn., Omaha, NE

NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund

2019–2020 NLPA Board of Directors

Member Livestock Marketing Associations

Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC

Syracuse, NY
Ken Krutz

Equity Cooperative Livestock
Sales Association

Baraboo, WI
Curt Larson & Les Danielson

National Livestock
Commission Association

Oklahoma City, OK
Eric Chapman & Jim Reynolds

Producers Livestock
Marketing Association

N. Salt Lake, UT
Rick O'Brien & Scott Menefee

Producers Livestock
Marketing Association

Omaha, NE
Dave Lamb & Rick Keith

Tennessee Livestock Producers
Columbia, TN
Darrell Ailshie & Jeff Aiken

Member Livestock Credit Corporations

Equity Livestock Credit Corporation
Baraboo, WI
Les Danielson

National Livestock Credit Corporation
Oklahoma City, OK
Doug Hauser & Robert York

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation
Omaha, NE
Tim Meyer & Jay Bakken

Tri–State Livestock Credit Corporation
Rancho Cordova, CA
David Thompson & Randy Alves

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